Acute and Chronic Spinal Problems

Acute and Chronic Spinal Problems Kiama & Shellharbour

This is where chiropractors excel, we are truly experts in this arena. There is a solid evidence base of research documenting chiropractic’s effectiveness in treating spinal problems. We have no peers when it comes to these conditions and have an armory of tools to help. So whether you are in need of immediate attention for a recent aggravation or if something has bothered you for a long time and you want to get to the bottom of it make an appointment.

Neck Pain & Back Pain Treatment

At Taylor Chiropractic we have many tools and strategies to asses and diagnose the cause of your neck pain and back pain.


Neck, or cervical spine pain and lumbar pain can present differently and can be caused by multiple factors including physical stress (osteoarthritis, disc tear or protrusion, nerve pressure, poor posture, injuries), mental stress (fatigue, emotional strain, anxiety) and lifestyle factors (chemical and toxin exposure, dietary influencers, insufficient or inappropriate exercise).


Sometimes there may be other underlying health issues that can cause neck and back pain. Once we work out the cause of your symptoms we can come up with a plan to address them and get you where you want to be.