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Lifestyle, Health and Wellness Kiama & Shellharbour

Taylor Chiropractic Kiama & Shellharbour is uniquely positioned to provide a truly special service. For a long time we have been passionate about giving our patients the healthy life they deserve and taking an active role in their own health. We are excited to offer this groundbreaking evidence based resource to all of those that enter our practice. In collaboration with Dr James Chestnut (Canadian Researcher, Author, Chiropractor and Wellness expert) we are introducing the wellness and prevention protocols, which tie directly into our chiropractic care. These tools will allow us to evaluate your current spinal health and overall health state, give reliable and reproducible measures that can then be used to track your improvements, both in and outside of our clinic. By utilizing the mindset that eating well, moving well and thinking well has direct positive effects on not just our current health state but also most of the chronic degenerative diseases now prevalent in our society, we are well equipped to give people a leg up and live the life they want.