TMJ – Jaw Pain and Headaches

TMJ- Jaw Pain and Headaches Kiama & Shellharbour

The temperomandibular joint is a small joint just in front of the ear that enables the jaw to open and close. It’s a small joint with a big role in humans – eating and talking! Dysfunction with the TMJ can cause:

  • pain and tenderness over the surface of the joint
  • clicking or popping
  • toothache or ear ache
  • headaches
  • neck pain

Those who suffer from teeth clenching or grinding will often have problems with the TMJ. TMJ Chiropractic care can also supplement the changes experienced with orthodontic work. At Taylor Chiropractic, Mark and Mel have undertaken postgraduate study to understand and manage the TMJ specifically.
Chiropractic management involves

  • Full assessment of function
  • Manual adjustments and mobilizations
  • Exercises and stretching
  • Posture and sleep advice.

A note about posture: today’s prevalence of poor posture with forward head position and rounded upper backs has a significant impact on the position and function of the TMJ.